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M.E. Hamedani Golshan was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1965. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran in 1987, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 1990, and Isfahan University of Technology in 1998, respectively. From April 1989 to June 1991, he worked at the Niroo Research Center (MATN), Tehran, Iran, as a researcher. In February 1992, he joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, where he is currently a Professor of Power systems. From October 2016 To April 2018, he worked with Isfahan City Train Company as a consulting manager for the quadruple equipment project of the Isfahan Metro Line 1. He is a member of the Supreme Council of Science, Research, and Technology (ATF) from January 2010 to September 2013.

His major research interests lie in the area of power system analysis, power system dynamics, power quality, dispersed generation and microgrid, FACTS and custom power, wide-area monitoring, control and protection, voltage and frequency control, and load modeling. In 2019, he was elevated to IEEE Senior Member for his contributions to power system research. He is the reviewer of several international journals published by IEEE, IET, Elsevier, and Springer.  He is a member of the research committee of Isfahan Regional Electricity Company, Isfahan City Electrical Distribution Company, and Isfahan City Train Company, and a scientific committee member of several national and international conferences.

He was a distinguishing teacher at the Isfahan University of Technology in 2008. He was a distinguishing supervisor at the Isfahan University of Technology in 2019. His name was listed in the top 1% of scientists based on WoS (Web of Science) and the "Stanford University World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists/Researchers" which is based on Stanford University and Elsevier (Scopus) in 2022. In 2022, he was the recipient of the national professor prize from the Ministry of science, research and technology (MSRT) in Iran.

Academic Responsibility

  • Head of power group of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (Apr. 2002 to Oct. 2005)
  • Vice-chancellor in academic affairs, Isfahan University of Technology (Oct. 2005 to May 2008)
  • IUT president (Jan. 2010 to Jul. 2013)


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