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Index-based voltage dip consideration in optimal planning of SDGs by applying a modified Monte Carlo simulation method


Voltage dip is a serious and effective disturbance for many industrial customers. This phenomenon competes with long interruption causing the largest annual economic loss. The integration of synchronous distributed generations (SDGs) into power systems affects system voltage dip performance. In this paper, a methodology is proposed, which optimizes dip performance in the presence of SDGs and minimizes total dip cost of the system by presenting an economic interpretation of dip numbers. New voltage dip indices are proposed based on a modified Monte Carlo simulation method. They consider factors like voltage dip magnitude and the number of sensitive loads' trips due to dip events. By applying these indices, the SDG's locating and sizing problem is formulated to improve system voltage dip performance. The method is tested on distribution level of IEEE-30 bus system for different SDG's allocation cases. Particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to solve the optimization problem, which is implemented in MATLAB.

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