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Analyzing Six Indices for Online Short-Term Voltage Stability Monitoring in Power Systems


In recent years, the importance of online monitoring short-term voltage stability has been considerably increased. Unstable cases due to response of fast dynamic loads such as induction motors to the serious disturbances can be avoided by online monitoring of voltage transients and activating fast and appropriate controls to encounter deep and prolonged voltage drop. In this paper, a set of indices based on the phasor measurement unit (PMU) measurements are introduced and compared for short-term voltage stability. To increase efficiency of the indices, a special algorithm for each index is proposed by using the investigation of the results of applying them to six disturbances’ scenarios simulated on the IEEE 39 bus system. The disturbance scenarios are representative of different cases of stable, unstable, and deep and prolonged voltage drop associated with short-term voltage transients. The performance of these indices are studied in terms of the time and accuracy required for determining the short-term voltage stability/instability cases. It is shown that the proposed method has better performance in comparison with other techniques that can be applied to power systems in reality.


Authors: Milad Aslanian, Mohammad Esmaeil Hamedani-Golshan, Hassan Haes Alhelou, and Pierluigi Siano

Appl. Sci. 202010(12), 4200;

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