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Evaluating the Operational Flexibility of Generation Mixture with an Innovative Techno-Economic Measure


This paper aims at providing a novel techno-economic flexibility index to quantify the relative flexibility of different conventional generation technologies. The proposed measure takes into account a comprehensive set of technical flexibility characteristics of generation units including minimum stable generation level, operating range, minimum up/down times and ramp up/down capability. The impact of various technical parameters on the flexibility restriction is determined based on the additional costs imposed to the system operator in order to satisfy that constraint. Afterward, the calculated flexibility index is incorporated into day-ahead market clearing procedure as a new objective function beside operation cost using a multi-objective decision-making approach. Simulation results show that the need of different flexibility levels changes the optimal generation dispatch and results in different operation costs. Furthermore, the impact of two emerging flexible options i.e., bulk energy storages and a typical demand response program in the flexibility contribution of other generation technologies is also investigated. The results reveal that the integration of emerging flexible options frequently changes the flexibility share of conventional units and can provide the required flexibility level at a lower cost.

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