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Guest Editorial–Introduction to the special section on Advances in smart grids and microgrids–Operation, control, protection, and security (VSI-sgmg)


Due to environmental concerns, energy security risks, and fossil fuel issues, many countries around the world have decided to increase the penetration level of renewable energy resources (RERs) in their energy networks. Besides this, many countries are moving toward implementation of the smart grid concept, including microgrid and deregulation in their power systems to achieve reliable and secure operation of their power systems with high penetration level of renewable energy resources. In future smart grids, keeping the operation in stable mode requires new techniques and technologies for better control and security. Therefore, stability and security of smart grids should be well studied and analyzed. Moreover, new protection schemes are in demand in order to face any unexpected operational problems and contingencies in smart grid environment.

This Special Section was intended at encouraging researchers to address the technical issues and research gaps in smart grid and microgrid systems. The objective was to focus on the latest advances in smart grids and microgrids, especially on their operation, control, protection and security aspects. Energy systems are impacting our life, industrial productions and our way of life beyond our imagination. Various countries all over the world have launched national smart grids and microgrids initiatives, highlighting the significance and necessity of smart grids in their future smart cities, smart industries, and national securities. But at the same time, practical issues related to the operation, control, protection and security of modern and future smart grids cannot be ignored. Therefore, this special section tries to fill research gaps in smart grids and motivate research on such important topics impacting our lives and future.


Authors: Hassan Haes Alhelou, Pierluigi Siano, Mohamad-Esmail Hamedani-Golshan, Yonghui Sun

Computers & Electrical Engineering

Volume 93, July 2021, 107334


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