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Optimal Operation of Emerging Flexible Resources Considering Sub-hourly Flexible Ramp Product


To deal with high variability of stochastic market operations and with the aim of assuring a feasible and economic operation under high renewable energy sources penetration, in this article two applicable solutions are proposed: 1) the incorporation into the electricity market of emerging flexible resources, including Demand Response (DR), Bulk Energy Storages (BESs) and Plug-in Electric Vehicle Parking Lots (PEV PLs) considering their own specific characteristics; and 2) a new flexible ramp market in order to cope with sudden variations and guarantee the rampability of reserve capacity provided by a generation portfolio. On this basis, an integrated stochastic day-ahead market clearing model has been developed to solve the energy, reserve and flexible ramp scheduling considering a real-time power balance problem, reflecting the 5minute-by-5minute RES and demand changes. Numerical tests are conducted on a modified IEEE RTS 24-bus and the obtained results validate the applicability of proposed model.

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