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WAMS-Based Online Disturbance Estimation in Interconnected Power Systems Using Disturbance Observer


In the event of a generator loss or disturbance, the power system frequency declines quickly and overall system stability is at risk. During these scenarios, under frequency load shedding is triggered to restore the power system frequency. The main stage of modern adaptive under frequency load shedding techniques is disturbance estimation. However, the swing equation is widely used in disturbance estimation but has some critical estimation errors. In this paper, instead of using the swing equation we proposed the use of a disturbance observer to estimate the curtailed power. By making use of wide area measurements, a system frequency response model, which is a representative of the whole power system, can be realized in real time. Using different power system states of the developed model, a disturbance observer can be designed as well. The main advantage of the disturbance observer is that it can accurately estimate the disturbance magnitude and its location in a very short time. Further investigations show that by using the disturbance observer disturbances, which occur at the same time or at different times in different areas regardless of the magnitude or size, accurate estimations can be made. To ascertain the efficiency of the proposed scheme, simulations are done for a four-area power system using Matlab/Simulink.

Keywords: disturbance estimationdisturbance observerswing equation


Published in: Appl. Sci. 20199(5), 990;

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