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WAMS Based Online Estimation of Total Inertia Constant and Damping Coefficient for Future Smart Grid Systems


Inertia constant and damping coefficient are the most important parameters in the frequency and stability studies of interconnected power systems. Online determination of such parameters has a great implementation in power system operation, security, and control. In this paper, a new method is proposed for online estimation of both the inertia and damping constants. The proposed method makes use of wide area measurement systems (WAMS) for online gathering of the required data for the estimation method. Furthermore, the proposed method can diminish the effect of missing some required data by estimating the frequency response curve using the polynomial fitting techniques. Moreover, the results verify the superiority of the proposed method for online estimation of both inertia and damping constants in bulk multi-machine power systems where applied to IEEE 68-bus system.


Published in: 2018 Smart Grid Conference (SGC)

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