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WAMS based Under Frequency Load Shedding Considering Minimum Frequency Predicted and Extrapolated Disturbance Magnitude


With the increase in world population and the advancement of industries, demand for power and energy has also sharply increased. Consequently, power systems are usually loaded very close to the steady state stability limit to meet this growing demand. This threatens the secure operation of power systems, therefore schemes that are more intelligent are needed to effectively handle power systems disturbances. In the event of a generation-demand imbalance caused by generator outage under frequency load shedding (UFLS) schemes are implemented. In this paper we propose an UFLS scheme based on the minimum predicted frequency and the extrapolated disturbance magnitude. Based on polynomial curve fitting techniques the future behavior of the system frequency can be predicted. A few data points soon after the disturbance are required to predict the minimum frequency the system will reach. The load to be shed can then be determined from the linear relationship between the frequency drops and load to be shed.


Published in: 2018 Smart Grid Conference (SGC)

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