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Wide-Area Measurement System-Based Optimal Multi-Stage Under-Frequency Load-Shedding in Interconnected Smart Power Systems Using Evolutionary Computing Techniques


Power systems that are known as the most complex systems encounter different types of disturbances and emergence events. To operate such systems in a stable mode, several control protection techniques are in need. Frequency plays a vital role in power systems and needs to be properly maintained in a permissible level. To this end, under-frequency load-shedding (UFLS) techniques are used to intercept the frequency decline when a system encounters a severe disturbance. In this paper, a novel, wide-area measurement system (WAMS)-based optimal UFLS technique is proposed. The system frequency response (SFR) model is identified online based on the real-time measurements collected by phasor measurement units (PMUs). Then, the SFR model is used to design a new optimal multi-stage UFLS scheme. Imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA), which is a powerful evolutionary computing method, is then adopted for solving the suggested multi-stage UFLS optimization problem. The applicability of the proposed method is shown on a practical test system. The effectiveness of the proposed optimal multi-stage UFLS scheme is verified by several simulation and comparison scenarios.


Publication Details: Appl. Sci. 20199(3), 508;

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